Month: June 2019

  • Most Common Corporate Event Mistakes

    Corporate events need to be planned very carefully since your company‘s reputation is directly connected to it. Your manager might be giving you a huge responsibility and hence it is your duty to perform it well. Organizing an event takes a huge amount of money, time and skills that need to be used and maintained. It is common to get overwhelmed and mess things up so here are the most calling corporate event and how to prevent it.

    1. Crawl before you walk
    Events are a great way to gain publicity however, it shouldn’t be done if you are not ready for it. Most start-ups huge launch parties even before securing some profitable customers. You might be making a mistake spending so much on launching your company when you don’t have strong financials as yet. If you do have enough money, make sure your event is given excellent media coverage as it is the whole point of it. It is essential to make sure your event is worth the investment. For example, it is pointless having a team building event for temporary or commission based employees as either they won’t be here for too long or they prefer making calls and selling your product than participating in an event.  Take your time to map out the specific outcomes you were expecting from the event and ensure these outcomes are met every step of the way.
    1. Incorrect budget allocation
    Your company will give you a limited amount of money to spend on the event and hence having a properly set budget is vital. It is your duty to ensure proper value for money,by negotiating and getting into agreement with the best vendors for a reasonable price. Budgets should be maintained with utmost transparency, giving the right to anyone to scrutinize them when needed. Always try to stay within budget since your boss will be the happiest to see you spending less than he expected, but ensure considerable quality such as corporate caterers Wellington who are worthy of the event.
    1. Not riding with your guests
    The event should be all about your guests, so before you take any decision think what impact it would make on them.For example you cannot bring nice wedding caterers to prepare the food for a corporate event since they have completely different I aspects. It is your duty to provide the core objective of the event that the guests expected. For example if it is a seminar, the guest speakers’content given should be of high quality rather than providing a lavish buffet.